Our community is diverse, capable, and heartfelt. Our members and friends include dedicated senior teachers who have walked the Shambhala Buddhist path for many years, and enthusiastic newcomers who are just discovering our teachings on realizing basic goodness and building enlightened society.



Donna Dinsdale – Donna is the Director of the Salt lake City Meditation Center and a Shambhala Guide. She has studied and practiced Buddhism for over 25 years. Donna’s professional life has spanned the fields of public education, integrative health, and massage therapy. She is committed to and passionate about assisting individuals in optimizing their health and wellness, and empowering them to live a life full of vitality, ease, joy and boundless possibilities.  Donna has traveled extensively, learning from great educators and scholars in India, Nepal, Costa Rica, Japan, Greece, the United Kingdom, and beyond.  One of her most memorable experiences has been teaching the young children of the Garden Of Peace School in South India.

Donna can be reached at [email protected]






Jeff Fink  –  Jeff is a tantrika and a Meditation Instructor in the Shambhala Tradition authorized to work with students as an ally in developing their personal practice over time.  A large part of Jeff’s focus on the  Shambhala path is related to the Shambhala Arts — specifically photography and poetry.  Jeff began and serves as the Poetry Coordinator for the Poetry Space section in the Shambhala Times, the online publication of the worldwide Shambhala Sangha.

You can see his work on his poetry/photo blog,, or on his curated photo site,

Jeff can be reached at 773-988-3228